Blue Sky Sports Complex is poised to provide many economic and communitywide benefits, including:


  • Developers will invest more than $2 million in the project’s first phase alone.
  • Blue Sky Sports Complex will create more than 40 jobs (12 FTEs) in the first year of operation, with more in subsequent phases.
  • Out-of-town visitors will utilize local hotels, restaurants and shops in communities such as Middletown, Montgomery and Newburgh.
  • Large-scale catered events at the property will provide employment opportunities for entry-level and unskilled workers.
  • Local teams and families will spend money locally, rather than outside the region.
  • The project would preserve a large, attractive swath of open space currently at risk of being developed for residential housing.
  • Blue Sky will implement programming customized for urban youth in efforts to expose inner-city children to opportunities and training.
  • In-house leagues will offer recreational opportunities for local youth.